Outdoor Experience Program (OEP)

Outdoor Experience Program (OEP)

This program offers various outdoor programs and events to educate, stimulate, and inspire healthy outdoor activity and stewardship.  Programs range from the Week of Wilderness, Granite Clinic and Speaker Series, Outdoor Adventure trips, Open Wrench Bicycle repairs sessions, Custom Trip planning, and outdoor equipment and kayak rentals.  Drop by the UC Merced Outdoor Center, home of the OEP program and located in the Student Activities and Athletics Center (SAAC) to speak with our knowledgable staff, rent gear, of browse our small library.  The OEP is the hub of all things outdoors at UC Merced.  So get out and play, today!
Fall 2014 Outdoor Center Hours   
Monday thru Thursday, 1-6pm
Granite Clinic and Speaker Series
Granite Clinic and Speaker Series held on selected Tuesday nights at 7pm
Bicycle Open Wrench
Open Wrench Bike sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays, 1-3pm
Beginning September 2

Do Trips Cost Money?

All Outdoor Experience Program trips have costs associated with them depending on which category a participant falls into:
  • Members- Currently registered UC Merced students AND Affiliates of the UC Merced Campus Recreation program, faculty and staff members who have purchased Campus Recreation memberships
  • Non-members - People who are not affiliated with the UC Merced Campus Recreation program, such as nonstudents and faculty and staff members who do not have Campus Recreation memberships
Trip fees include transportation, any permits, guide fees and equipment (unless noted in information sheet). Costs are included in trip information on the calendar.

Outdoor adventures are for everyone!

All activities in the Outdoor Experience Program are evaluated and rated so participants will have an idea of activities that are appropriate for them to attend. These ratings evaluate the level of physical demand, not prior skill: 
  • Easy - Fun, leisurely activity with little physical activity involved; 
  • Moderate - Your muscles might ache. Requires no prior physical conditioning but may be slightly strenuous; 
  • Strenuous - Adrenaline rush. Physical endurance is required. Good physical conditioning required. Expect to sweat and be challenged, but rewarded.
All activities are appropriate for the first-time outdoor beginners unless noted. If you have specific questions about a trip rating, please inquire at the Campus Recreation & Athletics office.
For more information on any Outdoor Adventure programs, please contact the Campus Recreation and Athletics Office at 209-CATS-REC (209-228-7732) or email outdooradventures@ucmerced.edu. You can also stop by our office in the Student Activities and Athletics Center.